Help Us Build WatertownTogether

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We need your feedback! Help us develop our vision and build WaterownTogether to best meet the needs of Watertown residents. Please take a few minutes to complete our online survey to help design the kind of Village that will work best for you. Just click on the SURVEY link on the sidebar to your right.  Rest assured that we are NOT collecting any personal or identifying information. All survey responses are strictly anonymous.

Volunteer Opportunities at WatertownTogether

Join us in making WatertownTogether a reality. Volunteers with a variety of interests and skills are welcome and needed. Contribute as much time as you like. Join us at planning meetings, community outreach events, or help us from the comfort of your own home.

Let us know which committees or tasks interest you. Click on the Contact Us link to send us an e-mail, or click on Volunteer Interest Form link to complete a volunteer form.

WatertownTogether Committees

Tell us what your interests are and join one of our committees.

  • Member Services:  Define service availability and delivery for members.
  • Volunteer Recruitment:  Determine how and where volunteers may be sourced, and what training and vetting will be necessary for all volunteers.
  • Program Planning:  Survey and assess what types of programs will be offered to members. These can include: health and wellness, cultural, and informational types of programs.
  • Finance (includes Legal and Insurance): Create a working budget for start-up and operations periods, set pricing (membership dues), select a good banking solution and the appropriate insurance for the organization, create and submit all necessary governmental paperwork, and more.
  • Fundraising:  Develop a fundraising strategy and implementation process and schedule.
  • Marketing and Communications:  Develop a communications and marketing strategy to promote WT in the Watertown community. Establish a Membership recruitment action plan.
  • Technology:  Develop technology platforms and structures deemed most useful to the operation of WT.  Can include: telephony, email, social media, computer hardware/software, website development, and other elements.
  • Nominating:  Source potential candidates for an expanded Board of Directors.
  • Vendors Services:  Create relationships with WT’s potential vendors. Includes vetting of vendors, event sponsorship, and in-kind donations/services.

It Takes a Village to Build WatertownTogether

We welcome volunteers of all ages and levels of interest to help make our community organization a success. Volunteers will not have to be members of WatertownTogether to participate. We encourage anyone who has an interest in helping to develop WatertownTogether to contact us or fill out the Volunteer Interest Form.

Tell your friends and family and anyone else who might be interested (even if they live in another town) about the WatertownTogether initiative. It truly takes a village to build a Village like WatertownTogether.

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