Benefits of WatertownTogether

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WatertownTogether Service Availability

Time Banking

WT is exploring the viability of a Time Bank Circle for Watertown.

What is Time Banking? Simply put, time Is currency that you pay forward. When you provide a service or help a neighbor with a task for an hour or so, that hour is credited to your time bank account. You then can use that credit to get the help or services that you need from another time bank member.

Stay tuned for more details about this and other Watertown Together developments!

Other Services and Service Models

The WatertownTogether Planning Group has explored a number of possible services that can benefit members of WatertownTogether. The availability of services will be determined by the WatertownTogether members based on their needs and interests. Also, WatertownTogether will work with existing organizations in the community–like the Senior Center and Springwell–to provide services that complement public service or private, non-profit service organizations.

Service is One Phone Call Away

With one phone call, WatertownTogether members will be able to access:

  • Transportation
  • Assistance with household chores
  • Referrals to screened and vetted service providers
  • Discounts from local service providers and merchants
  • Preventive health information and services
  • Volunteer opportunities

For example, if you are a member and need either snow removal or transportation to an appointment, simply call WatertownTogether and request that service. WatertownTogether can then either pair you with one of our volunteers, or help to connect you with one of our approved local service providers.