About Us

Watertown Coming Together

In October of 2011, a group of Watertown residents came together and initiated the “WatertownTogether” planning group. Each member of the planning group was interested in the Village Movement that had its origins in Boston’s Back Bay. What began as informal meetings to share ideas and information about Watertown and the Village Movement, has evolved into a development initiative for the establishment of a Village model specifically for our Watertown community.

Building WatertownTogether

Many community, public and private organizations have been instrumental in Watertown Together’s work over the years. Here is a summary of the ways in which WT has been supported by those individuals and organizations who have contributed time and resources to our evolving work.

Sponsors and Partners

Since October 2011, WatertownTogether has forged alliances with numerous organizations, all of which support similar initiatives. In 2012, WatertownTogether:

  • Became an active member of the regional VtV group that comprises a number of operating and developing Villages within Massachusetts that meet quarterly to share information.
  • Became the recipient of fiscal sponsorship from Springwell, Inc., and is now in the process of incorporating in Massachusetts and obtaining a 501(c) designation as a non-profit.


WatertownTogether has received the following grants to-date:

    • Watertown Community Foundation grant of $350 was awarded to obtain Village to Village (VtV) membership. VtV is a national organization based in Newton Corner that is devoted to fostering the growth of villages throughout the country.An addition grant of $500 was awarded to begin work on a feasibility plan.
    • Harvard/O’Neil grant of $1,500 was awarded to begin development of a business plan.
    • Tufts Health Plan Foundation awarded Springwell, Inc., Watertown Together’s fiscal agent. a $3,000 grant to complete a strategic plan for Watertown Together.
    • The Marshall Home Fund awarded Watertown Together a $500 grant.

Watertown Together Officers

    • President – Bob Shay
    • Treasurer – Ellen Block
    • Clerk – Susan Flint